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Grenoble Women Nutmeg

Grenoble Women Nutmeg

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Trendy, sporty and dressed at the same time. This hip sneaker, in a fashionable jogging style, is a real all-rounder. The dynamic design is distinguished by smart colour-blocking: applied in monochrome or rich in contrast.

The comfortable width H lasts offer comfort, style and function. Super soft leather and soft cushions on the edge of the shaft are combined with subtle details. The zipper on the side makes it easy to put on and take off.

The stretch leather in the area around the forefoot and the light, slightly thicker two-tone sole with the exclusive Xsensible balance technology provide a unique and comfortable feeling when walking.

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Mission Xsensible

Xsensible is not exactly a standard shoe brand. With passion and pride, they work every day to develop the most comfortable shoes imaginable, which also look fantastic.

Walking becomes an extremely comfortable experience. However, this not only has to do with the sole technology, but also with the patented stretch leather technology. Every Stretchwalker has Xsensible stretch leather. The amazing elasticity gives you maximum freedom of movement. The shoe feels like a second skin.